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Emotional Genius

Starts Monday, February 19th, 2018: 6 Weeks. Welcome to this introductory course based on The Language of Emotions and Dynamic Emotional Integration®. In this 6-week course you’ll learn skills and practices to help you access the brilliance in each of your emotions.


Discover the Brilliance in Your Emotions

Starting Monday, February 19th, 2018. Join Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Consultants and Trainers, Amanda Ball, MS and Sherry Olander, CMT for a six-week online training where you’ll learn new ways to view emotions as an intelligent, living system that’s vital to everything you do. You’ll learn how emotions work, why they arise, and how to work skillfully with every emotion you have.

When you know why your emotions arise and how to work with them, you’ll understand yourself and others better – and you’ll be able to access the intelligence and gifts your emotions bring you.

In this 6-week online course, you’ll explore:
  • The messages and intelligence inside each of your emotions.
  • Emotionally intelligent mindfulness practices to help you work brilliantly with each emotion you have.
  • Practical approaches to help you access the wisdom of intense emotions, mixed emotions, and emotions that have been repressed.
  • Simple skills to bring yourself back to center, regain your composure and your sense of humor, and live mindfully with all of your emotions.
Course Details
  • Length of Course: 6 Weeks
  • Dates: Monday, February 19th to Friday, March 30th, 2018
  • Price: $245.00
  • Learning & Interaction Structure: Reading curriculum, written forum discussions, and live webinar discussions (one hour per week).
  • Live Webinar Discussions: These one-hour sessions (one per week) will be scheduled based on participant availability. These sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend.

Course Reviews


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  1. I want to take it again.... and again


    There is so much IN the information presented that it is like handing out music to an Orchestra and then having them be able to play it all together and sound good. It takes time to learn, memorize and familiarize yourself with not only the notes and composition, but also the instrument that you play it on – namely the ‘feelings’. This just doesn’t happen overnight. In my life, I have been emotionally dyslexic most of it and found tools to compensate, but never learned the ‘language of emotions’. This course is the ‘language’. And like all languages, it has to be memorized to be retained and available when needed and that takes time. I would say the information is indispensable really and that along with ’emoji’s’ which thankfully break the emotional ice now, there is still a language to learn. And then we have to practice and use it. Thank you so very much! The language of ’emotions’ is likely the biggest social gap we have in relating and solving everyday problems with grace and dignity. I’ll be back!!! It also takes good boundaries and discipline to really excel in an online course. Its a whole different way of learning and we have to ‘learn’ to learn like that. I’m giving the course info 5 stars, but the process itself three stars. I felt it was over before I really dug my heels in.

  2. My first course at Empathy Academy


    I enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who is interested to discover the genius of their emotions !

  • $245
  • Length: 6 weeks

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