A guide to the genius in your emotions

Newly updated support for your emotions!

The newly updated Language of Emotions is now available, and Karla McLaren has also updated the questions and practices in The Dynamic Emotional Integration® Workbook as well!

In this 88-page workbook, you’ll learn the Empathic Mindfulness practices that help you work directly with the wisdom in your emotions

You’ll explore each of the emotions, the gifts and skills each emotion brings to you, and questions that will help you work directly with the wisdom in all of your emotions.

The Dynamic Emotional Integration® Workbook will help you learn to ground and focus yourself, soothe and regulate your emotions, understand yourself and others more deeply, and access your own unique emotional genius!

Ahora en Español!

The DEI Workbook is also available in Spanish! DEI Cuaderno de Trabajo

Este cuaderno de trabajo de 88 páginas lo ayuda a explorar sus 17 emociones esenciales con habilidades prácticas que lo ayudarán a comprender y trabajar con cada una de ellas de manera brillante.

Thank you and muchas gracias for bringing more emotional awareness to our waiting world!


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