Amanda Ball

Amanda Ball

Photo by Tia Gavin

Amanda Ball, MS is the reason Dynamic Emotional Integration® exists as a unique program. As a dedicated reader of Karla's work, Amanda proposed the idea of basing her postgraduate studies and internship on the work in The Language of Emotions and The Art of Empathy.

DEI was born from her vision and dedication, and Amanda now has her Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling. She is a lead instructor of the Dynamic Emotional Integration® licensing program, and she is double-licensed as a DEI Trainer and DEI Consultant. Amanda also teaches in the new DEI Practitioner's licensing track for counselors and therapists.

Amanda is the administrator of Emotion Dynamics LLC, and she develops courses and programs on emotions, empathy, and addictions/distractions. She is currently piloting her Emotional Genius for Teens curriculum in Sonoma County high schools.

Amanda's professional background is in nonprofit volunteer management, adoption and foster care recruitment, and community disaster-response implementation. She has also worked as a school mental health counselor and has taught numerous programs on social and emotional awareness to high school students.

Amanda's professional interests include emotions & empathy, addictions & distractions, neurodiversity, trauma healing, and gender & sexuality. She divides her time between Northern California and New England.

You can learn more about Amanda at her website, Emotional Brilliance.

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