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Dealing with Embarrassment

How do I deal with embarrassment? This month's Ask a DEI Professional question is about embarrassment. Our person writes: How do I work with feeling deeply embarrassed, as in feeling ashamed and concerned that others might judge me? It’s clearly…Read More

Licensee Close-Up: Dariusz Klupi

Dariusz Klupi is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer who lives in Kraków, Poland. He has spent over 20 years working in the IT industry in organizations of various size in 3 countries in Europe and Asia. He offers DEI…Read More

Introducing Ask a DEI Professional

  You have questions! And we have answers. Even if you know the language of emotions and even when understand the Dynamic Emotional Integration® (DEI) way of working with emotions, sometimes you're still going to have questions (we do!). And…Read More

February 2023 Courses at Empathy Academy

Hello and welcome! This month, we're offering a mini-workshop and a 6-week course that can help you access your emotions and your empathy through movement, play, and dance. We welcome you to these explorations of your emotions, your body, your…Read More

Emotions and Resolutions

~ by Sherry Jean Olander, DEI Trainer & Consultant ~ photo credit: Heather Giasson Most people I know don't even bother to make New Year’s resolutions. Some folks who really want to make lasting changes in their life start out…Read More

Good Boundaries and Horse Sense

To create boundaries or not to create boundaries, that is the question... by Bobbi McIntyre, licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer & Consultant I can tell you from personal experience about living with an open heart (without boundaries) and living with…Read More

Licensee Close-Up: Anchen Texter

  Anchen Texter lives on a tree-filled hillside just outside of Eugene, Oregon with her husband and daughter. She was part of the very first licensing cohort of DEI. When she's not working, you'll find her with her family or pursuing…Read More

January 2023 Courses at Empathy Academy

Developing Empathic Boundaries and Befriending Your Anger Hello and Happy New Year! As we head into this first month of 2023, we're offering a mini-workshop and a 4-week course that can help you develop strong, clear, and empathic boundaries. We…Read More

Welcome to Empathy Academy!

This is the online home of Dynamic Emotional Integration® Hello and welcome to Empathy Academy, where you can take courses on emotions and empathy, learn about Dynamic Emotional Integration® (also known as DEI), and find support if you'd like to…Read More

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