Art and Emotions

Starts Saturday, October 28 | In this 4-week course, you’ll learn unique ways to access, understand, and work with your feelings and emotions while developing your art practice.


Working with Your Emotions Through Artistic Practices

Get in touch with your inner artist and emotive self as you embark on a creative and illuminating journey through simple mark-making and artistic practices.

You’ll join artist and licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional Sue Barclay, B.A. for a 4-week exploration of your feelings and emotions which will engage your creative imagination in fun and surprising new ways.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to overcome any initial blocks to creative and artistic expression
  • Simple art and mark-making practices to explore new ways of working with your feelings and emotions
  • Ways to engage in dialogues with your emotions
  • The use of mark-making and art as a helpful way of regulating your emotions
  • Artistic ways to shed light on your personal story
  • How to create healing relationships with your emotions and your self

Course Details

Length of Course: 4 Weeks

Dates: Saturday, October 28 to Saturday, November 18, 2023

Price: $150.00 USD

Learning and Interaction Structure: 2-hour weekly webinars using the Zoom video conferencing program, optional Forum sharing, relevant handouts. This is an experiential course based on Zoom participation. The Zooms will not be recorded, so it is suggested that you are able attend every Zoom.

Live Zoom Webinar: In these weekly 2-hour online sessions, you will learn new ways of working with your feelings and emotions using simple art and mark practices, and have the opportunity to engage in group discussion and interaction.

Forum: The Forum is a private online space created for our group where you can share your experiences and ask questions. The Forum will be monitored by Sue who will respond to your posts. Your participation is completely voluntary.

Zoom Webinar Dates and Times: Saturdays from 10am to 12pm Pacific Time. Dates: October 28; November 4, 11, 18.

Time Commitment: Minimum of 2 hours per week for Zoom sessions (if you are unable to make the live Zoom session you’ll be able to request a list of the art practices from Sue).

Materials Required: Plain paper or a sketch book and any combination of the following: easy to use color pencils, pens, chalks, pastels, or paints.

This Course is Suitable For: Anyone who is interested in learning more about their emotions and themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to know anything about emotions or art to take this course?

A: No, come as you are! This course is designed for anyone at any skill level. Whether you’re new to Empathy Academy and Karla McLaren’s work or you’ve been with us for a while, this course will help you deepen your understanding of emotions and develop your personal art practice.

Q: I’m not an artist. Is this course appropriate for me?

A: Yes! You do not need to have any specific art practice or training in order to attend and gain emotional and artistic skills from this course.

Q: Will I be expected to share my emotions or art with others?

A: No. You will not be asked to share your personal emotional experiences or your artistic pieces. Your emotions are yours and your art is yours, so you can share what and when you’re comfortable with, or not share at all.

Q: If I sign up, what happens next?

A: You will receive an email from the instructor to welcome you soon after you register. This email will include some course information and logistics. You will receive another email shortly before the course begins with more information.

Q: What do I need to participate in this course?

A: You’ll need access to Internet and Zoom. The materials you’ll need for this course include the following: art supplies such as plain paper or a sketch book and any combination of the following: easy to use color pencils, pens, chalks, pastels, or paints.

Q: I cannot attend all of the course Zoom sessions, does this mean I cannot participate in the course?

A: If you miss a Zoom session Sue will send you a list of art practices relating to the session you cannot attend. Please note that the live Zoom sessions will not be recorded.

About the Instructor

Sue Barclay

Sue Barclay is double licensed as a Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant, and she is an artist and Alexander Technique teacher.

Sue uses simple artistic practices to help people access and work with their emotions, and to facilitate an interior dialogue. Her ingenious “mark-making” process removes the performance aspect of art, and helps people access their deepest, unspoken understandings of emotions and their own true selves. Sue also offers a 2.5 hour long workshop called Rediscovering Your Inner Artist at Empathy Academy.

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