Befriending Shame

Starts Monday, July 18th, 2022. 4 Weeks. This course is for: Everyone. Welcome to this experiential online course based on The Language of Emotions and Dynamic Emotional Integration®. In this course about the often-misunderstood emotion of shame, you’ll learn how to work with your shame in healthy and surprising new ways.


Harnessing the Power of Your Healthy Conscience

This experiential online course is designed to help you understand the difference between the healthy and unhealthy messages that affect your shame.

With the help of reflective exercises, experiential webinars, and a community forum, this course is designed to give you a greater understanding of your intricate relationship with shame, and tools to help you work with it.

Join dual-licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant, Anchen Texter, to learn how to truly listen to shame. You’ll learn how to work with supportive, imaginal practices to clear old contracts with shame (and shaming messages!), and you’ll have the opportunity to develop a new relationship with your indispensable shame.

You will learn:

  • The ways in which shame affects every part of your life, whether you know it or not.
  • How having too little shame can be as detrimental as having too much.
  • How shame interacts with your anger and boundaries, contentment, sadness, fear, and many other emotions.
  • How you can change your relationship with shame so that it helps you live a value-driven life of integrity.
  • How the 5 Empathic Mindfulness practices can help you work with shame and all of your emotions.

This course is for people who:

  • Are new to learning about emotions: We’ll cover foundational principles and practices that are essential for working with all emotions, and we’ll look closely at shame.
  • Have a grasp of the foundational concepts and are looking for a deeper understanding of shame, and who want to increase their awareness and skill when working with emotions.

Course Details

Length: 4 weeks

Dates: Starts Monday, July 18th, and ends Friday, August 12th, 2022

Price: $145

Learning and Interaction Structure: This multimedia course contains written curriculum units, PDF downloads, audio and video components, forum discussions, and live one-hour weekly webinars using the Zoom video conferencing program.

Live Zoom Webinar Discussions: These weekly one-hour sessions will be held on the Zoom webinar program each week of the course, and will be recorded if you cannot attend.

Webinar Schedule: To be determined.

Time Commitment: You’ll read the course curriculum and interact in the forum on your own schedule (plan for a minimum of two to three hours per week), and you’ll meet with Anchen and your classmates for one hour in the Zoom each week for additional discussion and experiential practices. You will continue to have access to the online course for 2 weeks once it ends; and receive a PDF of the written curriculum.

This Course is Suitable For: Everyone interested in emotional skills, healthy behavior, and loving self-care.

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