Deeper Empathy for Cohort 5

For DEI students only. Starts Monday, October 28th, 2019. Deeper inquiry into The Art of Empathy, including an exploration into the research behind the Six Essential Aspects of Empathy model, and a deeper look at the development of empathy in humans and other species.


Welcome to this four-week exploration into the research and theory behind The Art of Empathy.

In this course, you’ll travel lightly into empathy research and learn about the intensely social and hierarchical world of researchers.

We’ll focus on The Art of Empathy, Frans De Waal’s The Age of Empathy, and selected studies and articles to help you understand the foundation and arguments for Karla McLaren’s Six Essential Aspects of Empathy model.

The course reading list in the PDF below will help you plan your studies.

Reading List for Deeper Empathy

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