Essential Boundaries for Bodyworkers

Starts Monday, April 27th, 2020: 6 weeks. In this course designed specifically for bodyworkers, you’ll learn foundational concepts and practices from The Language of Emotions and The Art of Empathy to help you set boundaries, strengthen your healthy empathy, and create a self-care plan just for you.


Boundaries, Balanced Empathy and Self-Care to Prevent Burnout   


In this 6-week course on empathy and emotions, Camilla Jørgensen, a dual-licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant, draws on her 20+ years of experience as massage therapist to bring you an empathically-designed experiential course about boundaries, empathy, and self-care for bodyworkers.

Learn how to work with your natural empathy in a healthy and sustainable way by examining the relationship between boundaries and balanced empathy, taking inventories to help you gauge what you’re already good at and where you need more skills, and learning practices to regulate your emotions.

Each week on the live webinar meetings you’ll practice what you learn during the week, like trying out different practices to help regulate emotions, setting boundaries, and improving emotional awareness. Throughout the course, you’ll also combine this knowledge into an individualized self-care plan to help support you long after this course is over. You’ll receive individualized input and guidance from Camilla along the way, and have the opportunity to learn from other students in the group forum and on the weekly live webinars.

This Course is Suitable For: Bodyworkers and caregivers, other types of healthcare workers, and anyone who is interested in developing emotional skills, healthy boundaries, balanced empathy and deeper self-care.

In this 6-Week Course, You’ll Explore:

  • How to define and maintain your healthy boundaries at work and in your private life.
  • How to know if your or your clients’ boundaries are broken or enmeshed or unhealthy.
  • How to use your new healthy empathy skills with your clients.
  • How to deepen your level of self-care by learning how to work with your emotions and your empathy in healthy, supportive ways.
  • New practices each week to support you in creating your individual self-care plan – which will be completed by the end of the course.

We Will Cover:

  • The 4 Keys to Emotional Genius, and the essential role they play in every aspect of your professional and personal lives.
  • The relationship between boundaries, hyper-empathy, and balanced empathy.
  • How to effectively use the 5 Empathic Mindfulness practices for emotion regulation and for working with emotions consciously.
  • The 4 Emotion Families, and the gifts and actions in each emotion.
  • The emotions that create healthy boundaries and how to work with them consciously.

Course Details

Length of Course: 6 weeks


Price: $215Special 20% “social distancing plus emotional closeness” discount: $172.

Learning & Interaction Structure: This multimedia course contains written curriculum units, audio and video components, PDF downloads, forum discussions, and live one-hour weekly webinars using the Zoom video conferencing program.

Live Zoom Webinar Discussions: These weekly one-hour sessions will be held on the Zoom webinar platform, and will be recorded on our private server if you cannot attend.

Time Commitment: You’ll read the course curriculum and interact in the forum on your own schedule (plan for a minimum of 2-3 hours per week), and you’ll meet with Camilla and your classmates for one hour in the Zoom each week.

Bonus: You can book one 60-minute individual DEI Consultation with Camilla at a special 15% discounted rate during this course. These consultations are helpful if you want to dive deeper into an individual theme that comes up for you during the course. You can learn more about DEI Consultations here.

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  1. Supportive and informative


    I really enjoyed taking this course with Anchen and Camilla. It was helpful for both my work life and personal life. I have a deeper understanding of how important my boundaries are and how they support me and my clients. Anchen and Camilla demonstrated how to work with our boundaries in a safe and encouraging way. I came away from the course feeling refreshed and more in-tune with myself.

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