Jessica Moore

Arizona, USA

Dynamic Emotional Integration® Consultant and Trainer

Jessica Moore is double-licensed as a Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, and being surrounded by the New Age has made her a staunch advocate for grounded and effective methods of healing and transformation. Her love for wild nature first led her to a Bachelors of Science in Forest Ecology, and then into years of wilderness skills studies at the Tracker School. These were stepping stones in a lifelong quest to discover how we can become better humans in the world, which has culminated in 6 years of shamanic practice and her DEI licensing. Her passion for personal growth and empowerment fuels her learning and teaching.

Jessica’s Teaching Philosophy: As a child I learned to exile my emotions, and DEI has been an integral part of my journey to reclaim my emotional life and my innate ability to empathize. I have learned through experience how essential emotions and empathy are for us to reach our full potential and create the world that we want to live in. I am passionate about doing my part to encourage greater emotional intelligence and healthy empathy in the world.

Jessica’s Consulting Approach: Rather than trying to change how we feel by thinking a certain way, I believe that true emotional healing results from engaging with our feelings to discover why we feel what we do and what actions our emotions are calling for. My intention is to help you reconnect to your inner emotional wisdom, so that your emotions can become the guides and allies they are truly meant to be. What is a DEI Consultation?

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