Sarah Alexander

Oregon, USA

Dynamic Emotional Integration® Consultant and Trainer

Sarah Alexander is a double-licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant. She has been a practicing mental health professional in Portland, Oregon since 2001 and offers DEI Consultations and Trainings in person and by Zoom. As a licensed clinical social worker, she specializes in working with folks who have issues around body/weight/shape/size/food (including eating disorders), substance abuse, and trauma. Sarah’s focus as a DEI Trainer and Consultant is exclusively on supporting mental health, healthcare, and consulting professionals in weaving DEI teachings into their work with clients. Due to restrictions imposed by her professional license, she is unable to offer mental health therapy to folks outside of Oregon, but she is able to provide DEI trainings and professional consultations to healthcare professionals around the world.

Sarah’s Teaching Philosophy: Mental health therapists are the professionals that people come to in order to address emotional problems. Yet even therapists are not typically taught the function of emotions as part of their formal training. One of the best things we can do for our clients is to learn about the language of emotions and teach them how to partner with their own emotions as allies in navigating life’s many challenges. I am a passionate advocate for bringing DEI teachings to more mental health, healthcare, and consulting professionals.

Sarah’s Consulting Philosophy: As a DEI Consultant, I offer you a space to dive deeper into your own work as a helping professional who assists others in navigating their emotional terrain. Most of us have been taught to “control” our emotions rather than trust that emotions are allies that have important information to share. In every client interaction, you have two villages of emotions to assist you: theirs and yours. I help professionals work with their own (and their clients’) cognitive dissonance about emotions, attend to the data that evoke emotions, and discover what actions the emotions in the mix are advocating. Consultation is an individualized tool that can help you orient to your work with clients in a new way. We will engage in thoughtful conversations where we welcome all emotions and review their impact on your work.

What is a DEI Consultation?

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