January 2023 Courses at Empathy Academy

Developing Empathic Boundaries and Befriending Your Anger

Hello and Happy New Year!

As we head into this first month of 2023, we’re offering a mini-workshop and a 4-week course that can help you develop strong, clear, and empathic boundaries.

We welcome you to these explorations of healthy self-esteem, healthy relationships, and healthy boundaries.

Developing Empathic Boundaries

Setting Flexible Boundaries in an Often-Rigid World

A 2-hour workshop with Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

Saturday, January 21st from 10:30am to 12:30pm Pacific – $40

Photo of a stone wall covered with vines, and a open work gate looking out onto a path.It seems that everyone talks about boundaries, yet few of us know how to set them in empathic and relational ways.

There is a sort of Goldilocks situation here: boundaries can be either too rigid or too soft, when what we want is boundaries that are juuuust right.

Join author, researcher, empathy expert, and creator of Dynamic Emotional Integration®, Karla McLaren, for an exploration of boundaries that are flexible, living things instead of brick walls (or flimsy curtains).

Learn more or register here for Developing Empathic Boundaries

Befriending Anger

Skills to Help You Make an Ally of Your Anger

A 4-week course with Anchen Texter

Monday, January 23 to Friday, February 17 – $145

Anger is an absolutely essential emotion that many of us know absolutely nothing about.

Most of us are chased away from anger, and sadly, this means that we may not have access to the gifts and skills that anger brings to us: self-awareness, the ability to define and maintain our boundaries, and the ability to identify what matters to us.

Join Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional Anchen Texter for a 4-week course that will help you learn how to identify, feel, and work with your anger in healing and life-affirming ways.

Learn more or register here for Befriending Anger

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