June 2023 courses at Empathy Academy

Hello and welcome to June at Empathy Academy!

This month, we’re offering an immersive mini-workshop to help you rediscover your inner artist and your connection to emotions. We’re also offering a 10-week course that will help you welcome all of your emotions home!

We invite you to experience these creative explorations of your own emotional wisdom.

Rediscovering Your Inner Artist

Exploring the Magic of Mark-Making

A 2.5-hour workshop with artist Sue Barclay

Saturday, June 10 from 10:00am to 12:30pm Pacific Time – $35

Art piece with various yellow tones by Sue BarclayMany of us feel that we’re not artistic, or that art is about being perfect and displaying our work. But art is actually an inner skill that all of us possess.

Sue Barclay is an artist, educator, and Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional who helps people find their own inner artist quickly, and without any fuss.

Sue helps you access information about your emotions that you may never have been able to access through words.

In this 2.5-hour mini-workshop, you can explore new ways of working with your feelings and emotions by using simple art and mark-making practices.

Through this lighthearted process, you can create healing relationships with your emotions and your self.

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Welcoming Your Emotions Home

Identifying and Accepting Your Emotions

A 10-week course with Gregg Rozeboom and Randall Buskirk

Monday, June 19 to Friday, August 25 – $245 

You may have have heard that “being emotional” is not a good thing — that it’s not in your interest or the interests of those around you, and that it doesn’t help you resolve problems or live the life you want to live.

But your emotions — all 17 of them — are beacons calling out to guide you with their vital messages, insights, and motivating energies.

Join Dynamic Emotional Integration® professionals Gregg Rozeboom and Randall Buskirk for this relaxed 10-week course where you’ll begin to trace the path back to yourself by learning what your emotions have to tell you, in a language you can understand because it is — and always has been — your own.

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