June 2024 workshops at Empathy Academy!

Hello and welcome to June at Empathy Academy!

This month is all about boundaries and emotion regulation, and we invite you to explore empathic boundaries and the four keys to emotional genius with us!

Developing Empathic Boundaries

Setting flexible boundaries in an often-rigid world

A 2-hour workshop with Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

Saturday, June 8 from 10:30am to 12:30pm Pacific Time – $45

Many highly empathic people struggle to set boundaries, and this is often because empathy and boundaries are presented to us as opposing concepts.

But they don’t have to be!

Join author and Dynamic Emotional Integration® creator Karla McLaren in a 2-hour workshop where you can explore new ways of working with boundaries and empathy, and learn to create a healing connection between the two.

Learn more or register for the Developing Empathic Boundaries workshop

Emotion Regulation for Beginners

Learn how to regulate your emotions with four simple concepts

A 1.5-hour online workshop with Anchen Texter

Saturday, June 29

10:00am to 11:30pm Pacific Time – $35

In this workshop with licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional Anchen Texter, you’ll learn about the 4 Keys to Emotional Genius in an experiential way.

These keys are fairly simple once you get to know them, but they are unusual, so you’ll explore them through examples involving emotions you know, such as sadness, fear, anger, and happiness.

Learn more or register for the Emotion Regulation for Beginners workshop

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