May 2023 Courses at Empathy Academy

Hello and welcome to May!

This month, we’re offering a mini-workshop on reclaiming your own sense of excellence, and a 5-week course that can help you embrace the amazing energy in your anxiety!

We welcome you to these accessible and helpful explorations of your natural emotional wisdom.

Reclaiming Your Gold Star

A 2.5-hour workshop with Sherry Olander

Saturday, May 13 from 10:00am to 12:30pm Pacific Time – $35

Most of us learn to behave according to the expectations and values of the adults around us; we work for the gold stars. Many of those expectations and values have served us, but have all of them?

Whether we worked to please our teachers or our caretakers, if we learned to become ourselves by pleasing others, we can face problems as we try to live our own lives and honor our own internal sense of what’s right for us.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this mini-workshop, dual-licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional Sherry Olander will help you learn to reclaim your own authentic gold star.

Learn more or register for the Reclaiming Your Gold Star workshop

Embracing Your Anxiety

Discovering the Hidden Genius in Your Anxiety and Procrastination

A 5-week course with Karla McLaren and Sherry Olander

Monday, May 22 to Friday, June 23 – $195 

Anxiety is an essential emotion with an important job: it helps you prepare for the future, organize yourself, and gather the energy you need to get things done.

When you can learn how to work with it intentionally, it can help you focus, plan, take action, complete your tasks, and fulfill your goals.

Join Embracing Anxiety author Karla McLaren and Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional Sherry Olander for this relaxed 5-week course where you’ll develop new ways to befriend and embrace your anxiety.

Learn more or register for the Embracing Your Anxiety course


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