Emotion Regulation for Beginners

Emotion Regulation for Beginners

Learn how to regulate your emotions with four simple concepts

In this short workshop with instructor and Dynamic Emotional Integration® professional Anchen Texter, you’ll learn about the 4 Keys to Emotional Genius in an experiential way.

Anchen Texter

These keys are fairly simple once you get to know them, but they are unusual, so you’ll explore them through examples involving emotions you know, such as sadness, fear, anger, and happiness.

Through conversation, examples, self-reflection, breakout rooms, experiential exercises, group sharing, and other activities, you’ll explore your own relationship with emotions, and what they feel like in your body.

You’ll use paper and pens or crayons or colored pencils or markers or pastels – whatever medium you prefer – as you participate in this workshop. You’re also welcome to get up and dance or sing when that feels right to you (but it’s not expected).

What You’ll Learn

  • The 4 Keys to Emotional Genius, and how you’re already working with your emotions (you are!)
  • Reflections on the messages that you’ve been taught about emotions
  • The messages and gifts in sadness, fear, anger, and happiness

Workshop Details

Length: 1.5 hours

Date: Saturday, June 29, 2024 from 10 to 11:30am Pacific Time

Price: $35

Learning and Interaction Structure: We will meet and engage together using the Zoom video conferencing program. (Please download Zoom here for free if you don’t have it yet.) The workshop size is limited to 15 people, which leaves room for more conversation, to learn from each other, and engage in the experience fully.

Live Webinar: 10 to 11:30am Pacific Time on Saturday, June 29, 2024.

This course is suitable for: Anyone who wants to know more about their emotions, or for someone who’s familiar with this information and wants to deepen their experiential understanding of how their emotions work in their body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Emotion Regulation for Beginners about?

A: This workshop is an introduction to foundational concepts for regulating your emotions: The 4 Keys to Emotional Genius. These concepts are easy to understand; but not necessarily to put into practice. You’ll also use the Emotional Vocabulary list to help name and categorize your emotions, a research-supported practice for regulating your emotions.

I’ve created this workshop to give you an experiential introduction to emotion regulation, and to help you understand how you’re already regulating your emotions. You’ll learn how your emotions are already communicating their messages, and ways to notice when multiple emotions are coming up.

This workshop is designed to show you how you’re already an emotional genius.

Q: How long is this workshop?

A: This workshop is 1.5 hours long, with a break in the middle to stretch, or turn off your video, or do what you need to do to before you return.

Q: How much interaction should I expect?

A: The more we share about our emotions with each other, the greater our collective emotional experience becomes. We use Zoom, so you have the option of interacting as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. It is a live course that will be recorded so that you can review the information. Please plan on attending the course to have access to the recording.

Q: What kinds of materials will I need?

A: You’ll need casual art supplies, such as pen and paper, crayons, colored pencils, markers, or pastels, whatever you prefer. If you’re more physically expressive, you may want some space to move around.

Q: Can I attend this course more than once?

A: Yes, absolutely! Emotions are like layers, and as you become more comfortable naming your emotions and noticing what you’re feeling, you’re able to go deeper with naming your emotions and knowing yourself. You may notice different aspects of how you work with your emotions with each time you return.

About the Instructor

Anchen Texter

Anchen Texter helps you understand and embody emotional and empathic skills so that you can work with your emotions in the moment and move through situations gracefully and in a way you can be proud of.

She is also the creator of the Befriending series here at Empathy Academy: Befriending Anger, Befriending Shame, Befriending Sadness, and Befriending Fear.