Coming Soon: Our private Empathy Academy community!

In our new online community, you can learn more about emotions and empathy, find support and camaraderie, engage with your fellow community members across the globe, develop new skills, and interact with licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® professionals (also known as DEI) and author Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

In our Empathy Academy Community, you'll find


You’ll connect with people around the world, share your questions and your wisdom, and meet up for Conscious Complaining sessions, Ethical Empathic Gossip, live practice groups, and reading groups. ​As Karla says, DEI lives in our community, and we’re continually learning from and inspiring each other. Welcome!


In our weekly live sessions, you’ll discover deeper information about emotions, empathy, and the Empathic Mindfulness practices. You’ll also have access to our resource library, recordings, free resources, and regular skill-building Q&As and mini-workshops.


You’ll learn new ways to work directly with your emotions, strengthen (or calm down) your empathy, and develop your skills alongside your fellow community members. We’ll also share excellent information and practices from a dozen research fields that can help you live, feel, empathize, relate, and understand yourself and others in healthy and nourishing ways.

Live Weekly Meetings

Each week, you’ll be able to ask questions, learn new skills and concepts, and hang out with our worldwide community online. We’ll share information and activities that will help you understand emotions, empathy, relationships, and the social world in surprising and healing ways. And of course, you can be off camera and off mic during these meetings if that works best for you.

Support and Privacy

Unlike social media platforms, this is a private space where you won’t be tracked or served ads. You can ask questions in a private and grounded community with people who have embraced this Dynamic Emotional Integration approach. And we’re worldwide, so you can connect whenever you like. We’re here for you.


We’re a deeply feeling, highly empathic, and very irreverent group, and we love to laugh and play. We’d love to have you join us in our silly, serious, emotionally skilled, empathically grounded, inquisitive, and welcoming community!

Who is eligible to join?

This community is for people who understand the Dynamic Emotional Integration concepts in Karla McLaren’s books, audio learning programs, and courses.

We explore her grand unified theory of emotions, the six essential aspects of empathy model, her groundbreaking approach to healthy social structure, and the unique Empathic Mindfulness practices that help you regulate your empathy and discover the genius in your emotions.

This community is the place to explore emotions, empathy, and the social world in a uniquely healing and life-affirming way.

Welcome to our Empathy Academy Community!

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If you’re new to this work

Before you join, please read one or more of Karla’s books, which you can find here:

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