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A Small Shrine and Ritual for My Happiness

by Sue Barclay, licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Professional I never used to think I had a problem with happiness, or that my relationship with happiness needed to heal or change. However, reading about happiness from a Dynamic Emotional Integration®(also known…Read More

December 2023 - a grief ritual at Empathy Academy

Hello and welcome to December at Empathy Academy We're closing out this year with our beloved online grief ritual, Entering the Sacred River of Grief. [divider style="clear"] Entering the Sacred River of Grief A healing community grief ritual A 2-week online…Read More

Licensee Close-up: Randy Marles Orabone

Randy Marles Orabone, LMHC, BHPCC  lives in Massachusetts where she has been providing therapy for over 15 years. Previously an opera singer and ballet dancer, she still enjoys classical music, and especially loves the cello. Mindfulness and daily meditation have…Read More

A card deck to support your emotions

Newly updated! The newly revised Language of Emotions is now available, and Karla McLaren also updated her wonderful Language of Emotions Card Deck! These 25 cards help you work directly with the wisdom in your emotions, and they give you detailed…Read More

Can Shame Be Toxic?

How do you work with toxic messages? This month's Ask a DEI Professional question is about shame. Our questioner writes: If someone is carrying a lot of toxic shame internalized from the outside, does this inhibit the rise of authentic…Read More

November 2023 courses at Empathy Academy!

Hello and welcome to November at Empathy Academy! This month's courses can help you access emotion regulation and the gifts of sadness with instructor Anchen Texter. [divider style="clear"] Emotion Regulation for Beginners Learn how to regulate your emotions with four…Read More

Understanding Your Whole Self

~ by Sherry Jean Olander, DEI Trainer & Consultant ~ If you’ve taken any courses or workshops here at Empathy Academy, you may have heard the term Elemental Balance or reference to “your elements.” Let’s take a closer look at…Read More

A community grief ritual in December

Entering the Sacred River of Grief A Healing Grief Ritual Starts Saturday, December 2, here at Empathy Academy [button url="http://empathyacademy.org/course/entering-sacred-river-of-grief/" class="primary" bg="" hover_bg="" size="16px" color="" radius="8px" width="0px" height="0px" target="_self"] Learn more [/button] In every life, there will be loss, death,…Read More

A guide to the genius in your emotions

Newly updated support for your emotions! The newly updated Language of Emotions is now available, and Karla McLaren has also updated the questions and practices in The Dynamic Emotional Integration® Workbook as well! In this 88-page workbook, you'll learn the Empathic Mindfulness…Read More

October 2023 courses at Empathy Academy!

Hello and welcome to October at Empathy Academy! This month's courses can help you access your emotions and your inner artist through Sue Barclays' simple and powerful "mark-making" practices. [divider style="clear"] Rediscovering Your Inner Artist Exploring the Magic of Mark-Making…Read More

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