What's Up at Empathy Academy

Tending to Your Soul

The Soul Tending program starts soon! If you've been studying the work in The Language of Emotions, and you'd like to deepen your practice, we've created a 4-month program for you. Soul Tending is a marvelous opportunity to explore the…Read More

September 2023 courses at Empathy Academy!

Hello and welcome to September at Empathy Academy! This month's offerings focus on ways to support yourself and your children through the wonderfully rich and emotional world of parenting. [divider style="clear"] Parenting with Emotions An Introduction to the Emotional Life…Read More

Empathy in the Middle East

Emotional learning for everyone Pia Ault, MS, licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer, shares her experience of providing an empathy workshop in Saudi Arabia. I was invited to hold a workshop on Dynamic Emotional Integration® in Saudi Arabia, at a large government…Read More

Feeling Bittersweet

When feeling bittersweet during a celebration, how do I work with that? This month's Ask a DEI Professional question is about mixed emotions. Our questioner writes: When a celebration time in life is bittersweet (i.e. someone you love isn’t there…Read More

Updates to the Fear Family

What's new in the Fear Family? The work in the Dynamic Emotional Integration® model is certainly dynamic, because Karla McLaren and our DEI community are continually updating our knowledge through practice, research, and deep community conversations. The Fear family has…Read More

Hatred and the Middle Path

by Bobbi McIntyre, licensed DEI Trainer & Consultant I saw this meme about love and hate going around Facebook, and I thought about the fact that people have never been…Read More

August 2023 courses at Empathy Academy!

Hello and welcome to August at Empathy Academy! This month's offerings are a playful Saturday mini-workshop and a healing 4-week course on the boundary-setting genius of anger! [divider style="clear"] Discover Your Emotional Body Learning how to embody your emotions A 2.5-hour workshop…Read More

Struggling to Work With Emotions

How should I work with my emotions when I feel numb and defeated? This month's Ask a DEI Professional question is about working with emotions alongside treating a condition that requires medications. Finding the right dosage and medications can take…Read More

Updates to the Sadness Family!

What's new in the Sadness Family? The work of Dynamic Emotional Integration® is based on Karla McLaren's work and in the newest edition of her classic book, Language of Emotions, there are many changes and new concepts that can help…Read More

Updates to the Anger Family!

What's new in the Anger Family? In Karla McLaren's newly updated and revised Language of Emotions, there have been many changes! Karla talks here about the changes she's made to the Anger Family: Anger, Shame, Apathy, and Hatred. This essential…Read More

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