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Licensee Close-Up: Sue Barclay

Sue Barclay is an award-winning artist, Alexander Technique teacher, and has been a licensed DEI professional since 2020. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland where she creates beautiful works of art in her home studio. I was lucky enough to meet up with her in person on a recent holiday there…Read More

Recovery from Injury or Illness and the Emotions Involved - Part 1

by DEI Professional and Registered Acupuncturist Heather Giasson I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the question, “What would be the number one element to healing?” The question itself isn’t wrong; what makes it problematic is that it lacks the understanding that healing is a process and at…Read More

Licensee Close-Up: Anchen Texter

  Anchen Texter lives on a tree-filled hillside just outside of Eugene, Oregon with her husband and daughter. She was part of the very first licensing cohort of DEI. When she's not working, you'll find her with her family or pursuing some of her many hobbies, including knitting, gardening, and rock…Read More

The Universal and the Personal – Who are my emotions to me?

by licensed DEI Professional Heather Giasson By diving into the vast territory of emotions there are so many different things to learn and ways to approach deepening our emotional skillsets. In the teachings of The Language of Emotions (thank you Karla!) the universal emotions are introduced to us along with each…Read More

Emotions Supporting the Whole You

by licensed DEI Professional Heather Giasson Taking a wholistic view of health turns conversations from an isolated compartmentalized view, to knowing that anything that happens in the body is connected to everything else also defined as being part of that whole. There is inter-connection and inter-relatedness within all parts of…Read More

Licensee Close-Up: Dariusz Klupi

Dariusz is a DEI Trainer who lives in Kraków, Poland. He has spent over 20 years working in the IT industry in organizations of various size in 3 countries in Europe and Asia. He offers DEI workshops in Polish and English. Q&A with Dariusz Klupi What brought you to this work?…Read More

Emotions and the Gifts They Bring Us

by licensed DEI Trainer Heather Giasson When first arriving in the world of Dynamic Emotional Integration®, one of my favourite things to learn about were the gifts that emotions bring us. Emotions are here to help us and have gifts when we flow and engage with them? This was such…Read More

Licensee Close-Up: Francine Bélanger

Francine is a licensed DEI Trainer who lives in Ontario, Canada. She was in the very first cohort of DEI licensees, and she is also a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and yoga instructor. When she is not working in those fields, she fills her time pursuing some of her…Read More

Licensee Close-Up: Amanda Ball, MS

Amanda is a licensed DEI Trainer and Consultant and lead instructor at Empathy Academy. She also holds a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Currently living in Sonoma County, California, Amanda considers herself "bi-coastal," as she also spends a fair amount of time in New England where she grew up.…Read More

Licensee Close-up: Bobbi McIntyre

Bobbi is a licensed DEI Trainer and Consultant and Equine-Assisted Life Coach living in the upstate area of South Carolina. She was a member of the very first cohort of DEI licensees at Empathy Academy and became licensed in 2016. Bobbi was also the first woman to qualify as a US…Read More

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