Chris Bodwitch | DEI Trainer

Chris Bodwitch

New Jersey, Philadelphia & New York City, USA

Dynamic Emotional Integration® DEI Trainer

Chris Bodwitch is a Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer. She lives in Stockton, New Jersey and offers DEI group and one-on-one workshops in person and online. She is a long-time performer and movement educator with a degree in dance, training in theatrical clown, and Soma Yoga™. In 2016, She created Muck and Gold, a (re)learning lab for interdisciplinary performance-making. 

Chris’ Teaching Philosophy: Our emotions are like childhood friends that are eager to play and explore the world with us. I create learning environments using movement, writing, music, observation, and discussion of art forms to access the vital messages of our emotions. Instead of suppressing, clinging to, or running away from our emotions, we can engage with all of them to bring our inner ecosystem back into balance and come home to ourselves.