Dariusz Klupi | DEI Trainer

Dariusz Klupi

Kraków, Poland

Dynamic Emotional Integration® DEI Trainer

Dariusz Klupi is a Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer who offers in-person DEI workshops and trainings in Poland and on-line globally. He focuses on practical application of emotional skills and empathy in workplaces. He has spent over 20 years working in the IT industry in organisations of various size in 3 countries in Europe and Asia. His specialty is modern management and leadership, and approaches like Agile, Scrum, Teal, and Holacracy. For Dariusz, a good understanding of emotions is a foundation for efficient, effective, innovative, psychologically safe, and creative environments, and he is convinced that empathy in leadership has become a necessity.

Dariusz’s Teaching Philosophy: I prefer linking training with real emotional situations and workplace scenarios – in a safe setup. For me, DEI skills need to be applicable in real life and help with turning tensions into constructive improvements, and I adjust the level of depth to the audience – with different approaches for casual acquaintances or for teams that know each other well. I’ve seen that organisations benefit the most when I train managers and leaders first, as their skills influence everybody else. I offer workshops and trainings in English and Polish.