Gregg Rozeboom

Alaska and Washington, DC, USA

Dynamic Emotional Integration® Consultant and Trainer

Gregg Rozeboom is double-licensed as a Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant. Gregg is a business founder, husband, father of five, and advocate for empathy. He runs a health and wellness-focused restaurant and splits his time between Washington, DC and Alaska. Gregg is passionate about helping adolescents, parents, and leaders better understand and work with their emotions. In his free time, he enjoys nature and reading. Gregg is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience to help individuals build stronger relationships through gaining skills and learning how to work with their emotions and empathy.

Gregg’s Teaching Philosophy: As a DEI Trainer, I enjoy training parents to support their teenagers and children in accessing their emotions by focusing on how emotions can support parenting, leadership, and work life. I have a passion for working with people who are exiled from emotions, including men and boys, autistic and neurodivergent people, and people with diagnosed ADD. I’m dedicated to helping people better understand and express their emotions. I created a freewriting practice specifically for Empathy Academy participants to further engage with their emotions. In addition, I use storytelling to bring emotions to life, making the training experience both engaging and memorable. I work to help individuals access their emotions in more profound and nuanced ways, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Gregg’s Consulting Approach: As a DEI consultant, my mission is to create space for you to dive deeper into your emotions. I help you create a new dialogue with your empathy and emotions by utilizing empathic mindfulness practices such as freewriting and Conscious Boasting. I’m committed to being fully present in every consultation, focusing on specific emotions to help you better understand your meaning and message. I will work to help you gain a new perspective and enhance your relationships and overall well-being.

What is a DEI Consultation?

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