Heather Giasson | DEI Consultant and DEI Trainer

Heather Giasson

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Dynamic Emotional Integration® DEI Consultant and DEI Trainer

Heather Giasson is double-licensed as a Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, and has a clinical practice as a Registered Acupuncturist. She has found that including the mental-emotional aspect of her clients’ wellbeing often holds the key to their optimal health. This inclusive approach is what led Heather to DEI, and has remained a core component of her work. Her DEI work is virtual through her website and allows her to offer availability beyond her in-person practice.

Heather’s Teaching Philosophy: As a DEI Trainer, I strive to provide new information and perspectives on emotions, and opportunities for you to engage with your feelings through experiential and reflective exercises. Within small group settings finding what works for each individual is key, so multiple engagement approaches are used along with a wide range of inquiry. Stepping into a dialogue with emotions is an often new and tender experience, and I respect your own inner knowledge while providing the space for you to bring your emotions and the skills to navigate them into your conscious awareness.

Heather’s Consulting Approach: As a DEI Consultant, I resonate deeply with the concept of emotional engagement being based on our ability to claim, develop capacity, and flow with our emotions. In this one-on-one space, there is a structure for you to dive underneath the sometimes-obstructive surface of events and their narratives to engage with your emotions. Using your emotions as entry points into insight and clarity is often a surprising yet enriching process that always contributes information and guidance to you. Your dignity and autonomy over your own life and emotions are honoured boundaries, as being invited into what I see as the soulscape of emotions is a tender and sacred place to travel.

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