Randall Buskirk | DEI Consultant and DEI Trainer

Randall Buskirk

Florida, USA

Dynamic Emotional Integration® DEI Consultant and DEI Trainer

Randall Buskirk is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer who lives in Florida, USA. He offers DEI trainings and workshops online currently. His DEI work focuses on understanding stress in terms of the 17 emotions and their empowering information, and on helping people act skillfully with the energy that all their emotions bring to them. He is also a yoga instructor and certified Z-Health® Movement Reeducation Specialist who helps people cultivate a stronger body, a more creative mind, and a more emotionally-fluent heart.

Randall’s Teaching Philosophy: Movement of the body, movement of thoughts, and movement of the emotions are three sides of the same coin. I wish I’d known that a lot earlier in life, but any time is the right time to learn it. I love to help people realize their untapped resources and the inherent capacity they have to live a life they love.

Randall’s Consulting Approach: The part of you that feels and the part of you that already knows who you are — that part of you is your best guide to living the life you want to live, to singing the song that is truly yours. And it’s your emotions that sing it, all seventeen of them. I provide a listening space for you to hear their voices and bring them together into a harmony that better suits this time in your life. I’ll help you develop simple tools and practices to shape your life in the direction you want it to go, and reclaim the sacred call and response of your deepest emotional intelligence.

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