Robyn Reilly

Auckland, New Zealand

Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer

Robyn Reilly is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer, living in Auckland, New Zealand. Robyn has had a 30 year career in learning, organizational development, and leadership coaching, working internationally and across multiple industries. She is currently a senior leader within New Zealand’s largest social services agency, responsible for their workforce learning and development, and is now exploring the integration of DEI to enhance leadership practice and to create more emotionally supportive and empathic workplaces.

Robyn brings generous exploration, deep curiosity, and supportive energy when working with people, to help them discover their true self and their unique potential, and bring these gifts to their relationships and their life. She loves facilitating group sharing and learning, is an experienced coach and CliftonStrengths® practitioner, a qualified yoga instructor, and Lifeline volunteer.

Robyn’s Teaching Philosophy: My journey to understand our emotions, based on my belief that they sit at the heart of who we are and how we behave, began two decades ago and has only strengthened over time. DEI has affirmed this belief for me and allowed me to experience the deep wisdom and gifts our emotions bring us. I feel privileged and excited to now be able to share this life-changing work with others. Whether I’m working with someone individually or with a group, I bring myself fully to these connections to create a space of safety, self-reflection, care and acceptance, allowing us to be, to feel, to learn, and to grow.

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