Sandi Davis | DEI Consultant and DEI Trainer

Sandi Davis

California, USA

Dynamic Emotional Integration® DEI Consultant and DEI Trainer

Sandi Davis is a dual-licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant living in Sonoma County, California. Her work centers on helping people integrate the deep wisdom of the soul while navigating the challenges of day to day living. Her workshops and consultations focus on healthy empathy, learning the language of emotions, and the role of ritual, myth, symbol, and the creative process in growth and fulfillment. Known for blending the soulful with the practical and grounded, Sandi is a Certified Co-Active Coach and holds degrees in Gender Studies and Psychology.

Sandi’s Teaching Philosophy: Emotions are part of everything we do, even when we are not feeling emotional. When we understand what our emotions want to tell us, we can approach them not as obstacles, but as the wise guides they truly are. As a DEI trainer, I help you find the genius in your emotions and the gifts of your empathy.

Sandi’s Consulting Approach: Our empathy and emotions are meant to bring us more into the world, not to overwhelm and keep us from it. They are meant to be wise guides, pointing us toward wholeness. As a DEI Consultant, I listen for how your emotions are working for you, even when it doesn’t feel that they are. Together, we explore how you can work with your emotions in supportive ways, and how they weave into the larger story and meaning of your life. I see consultations as an opportunity to discover your unique emotional wisdom, and apply it in new and practical ways in your life.

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