Sue Barclay | DEI Consultant and DEI Trainer

Sue Barclay

Scotland, UK

Dynamic Emotional Integration® DEI Consultant and DEI Trainer

Sue Barclay is a Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland and offers DEI trainings, workshops, and consultations in person and online. Sue has a BA degree in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher and Yoga teacher. Her expertise in DEI includes: feeling and identifying your emotions, learning about the specific skills and gifts each one of your emotions brings you, finding out how emotions work and learning to work with them rather than for or against them, and the empathic mindfulness and self-care practices.

Sue’s Teaching Philosophy: I find that mark-making and creative practices of different kinds can help us tune into, embody, and express our ideas, feelings, and emotions. Employing simple mark-making and other creative practices in the context of a DEI workshop facilitates an empathic inner dialogue. Insights and ideas can come to us in surprising and enlightening new ways. We can gain access to aspects of ourselves, our story, and our uniqueness in deeply healing ways. No previous experience in art or any other creative practice is required for any of my workshops or consultations.

Sue’s Consulting Approach: Learning about my emotions and being able to welcome them back in to my conscious awareness so that I could work effectively and empathically with them was one of the most life-enhancing and life-changing experiences of my adult life. In a DEI consultation I offer my clients a safe, private space where they can explore their feelings and emotions as they learn to tune in to their own unique and individual empathic inner dialogue. I encourage the use of creative practices which can be used to facilitate and uncover the genius that lives inside each and every one of us and which so often speaks to us through our emotions.

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