Yvonne Maier | DEI Trainer

Yvonne Maier

Bavaria, Germany

Dynamic Emotional Integration® DEI Trainer

Yvonne Maier is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer in Germany. She has been working as a theatre and voice coach (Theaterpädagogin, Grundlagenausbildung Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik; Stimmpädagogin nach der Lichtenberger Methode®) since 1997 and as a science journalist and editor for radio and web since 2007. Telling stories is her passion, with words and with the body. Using the skills of DEI in both her lines of work was her main goal when she became a DEI Trainer. Her other goal is to bring this work to the German Language and offer courses for people in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland who want to learn more about the language of their emotions, online and offline.

Yvonne’s Teaching Philosophy: I trust that everyone has the capacity and intelligence to listen to and work with their emotions. Through my creative work with theatre and voice, I know how important it is to dive into the unknown and how our emotions can lead us through this often uncomfortable space. I use art, embodiment, movement practices, and community in my courses so we all can experience our emotions in different and safe contexts.