Your DEI Consultation with a Consultant Trainee

Welcome to your DEI Consultation

The DEI Consultation Training Process

Thank you for signing up for a consultation with your colleague from cohort 6!

Your consultation is an essential part of the training process for DEI consultants-to-be, each of whom is already a licensed DEI Trainer with a minimum of two years of DEI study and application.

Your consultation will support their training, and it will be supervised to assure the highest quality of learning and care. Karla McLaren will quietly observe and supervise your consultation, and Amanda Ball, Sherry Olander, or Jen Nate may observe as well (there will be a maximum of two instructors in the session).

Your consultation will be an hour-long online session: 45-minutes for your consultation, and 15 minutes for feedback, questions, concerns, and suggestions from your observing faculty.

If you want to have a private discussion about the consultant trainee or the consultation process, please contact Karla, Sherry, Jen, or Amanda at or through the mail system at Empathy Academy.

Your DEI consultation will be tailored to your specific needs, and the questionnaire you fill out on the next page will help your consultant trainee understand more about your emotional strengths and challenges. Your initial consultation will focus upon the issues you identify in your questionnaire. If you have a follow-up consultation, it will be focused on your progress, questions, or other issues that may arise.

Your consultant trainee will send you a follow-up email within a week of your consultation, covering the topics you discussed and the practices and ideas you and your consultant trainee discovered together, based upon your needs.

Pricing, Scheduling, and Cancellation Policy

This consultation is provided at no charge to you, and your session will be scheduled at a time that works best for you and your consultant trainee. If you need to cancel or postpone a scheduled session, please notify us as soon as possible at so that we can shift the schedule.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Everything in your Dynamic Emotional Integration® training consultation is private and will remain confidential between you, your consultant trainee, and your observing faculty. Your consultant trainee will be under the direct supervision of Empathy Academy faculty and may discuss your session with them to support you and better understand your situation. Your information will not be shared or used for any other purpose.

However, since we are working electronically (by phone, Zoom, e-mail, or other electronic formats), it is possible that our privacy could be breached accidentally as a result of technical issues in the transmission of data. It is also possible that our privacy could be breached intentionally through hacking or surveillance activities. We will not intentionally share your information with anyone, and we take precautions to safeguard our electronic communications, but there are privacy risks inherent in electronic communications that we want you to be aware of.

Your Consultation Agreement
I understand and agree with the above, and I understand that a Dynamic Emotional Integration® consultation is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical advice.


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