What's Up at Empathy Academy

Updates to the Anger Family!

What's new in the Anger Family? In Karla McLaren's newly updated and revised Language of Emotions, there have been many changes! Karla talks here about the changes she's made to the Anger Family: Anger, Shame, Apathy, and Hatred. This essential…Read More

July 2023 courses at Empathy Academy!

Hello and welcome to July at Empathy Academy! This month is all about boundaries and empathy, and we invite you to explore empathic boundaries and empathic self-care with us! [divider style="clear"] Developing Empathic Boundaries Setting flexible boundaries in an often-rigid…Read More

Welcome to the new Language of Emotions!

It's here! The newly revised and updated Language of Emotions is available now! https://youtu.be/U_ImMo1hppg The courses here at Empathy Academy are based on the work in The Language of Emotions, and we look forward to sharing this all of this…Read More

Working With Your Anxiety Style

Can a person be too deadline-oriented? Note: The term "deadline-oriented" refers to a style of working with our anxiety that is supported by the pressure of deadlines. The alternative style, task-oriented, is supported by the satisfaction of doing things ahead…Read More

Licensee Close-up: Bobbi McIntyre

Bobbi McIntyre is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant and Equine-Assisted life coach living in the upstate area of South Carolina. She was a member of the very first cohort of DEI licensees at Empathy Academy and became…Read More

The new Language of Emotions is almost here!

The Language of Emotions has been revised and updated! We're excited to announce the upcoming release of the new Language of Emotions on June 27th! Karla McLaren has done so much work and research since the original book was published…Read More

June 2023 courses at Empathy Academy

Hello and welcome to June at Empathy Academy! This month, we're offering an immersive mini-workshop to help you rediscover your inner artist and your connection to emotions. We're also offering a 10-week course that will help you welcome all of…Read More

The brand new Language of Emotions!

A brand new edition of The Language of Emotions! Nearly all of the courses here at Empathy Academy are built from the foundation of the original work in The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren, M.Ed. This groundbreaking work is still…Read More

Licensee Close-Up: Francine Bélanger

Francine is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer who lives in Ontario, Canada. She was in the very first cohort of DEI licensees, and she is also a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and yoga instructor. When she is not…Read More

A Healthier Sense of Self

Can you please elaborate on an inflated self-esteem? This month's Ask a DEI Professional question is about self-esteem. Our questioner writes: Can you please elaborate on an inflated self-esteem and give suggestions on how to help feel a healthier sense…Read More

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