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Dariusz is a DEI Trainer who lives in Kraków, Poland. He has spent over 20 years working in the IT industry in organizations of various size in 3 countries in Europe and Asia. He offers DEI workshops in Polish and English.

Q&A with Dariusz Klupi

What brought you to this work?

In general, a need to understand emotions, both current and those from the past. I received a newsletter from Sounds True and Art of Empathy was there. I had bought some materials from Sounds True before and trusted that it will be valuable stuff. I bought the book, familiarized myself with the material on Karla’s website and became fascinated with it.

Dariusz’s DEI Teaching Philosophy: I prefer linking training with real emotional situations and workplace scenarios – in a safe setup. For me, DEI skills need to be applicable in real life and help with turning tensions into constructive improvements, and I adjust the level of depth to the audience – with different approaches for casual acquaintances or for teams that know each other well. I’ve seen that organizations benefit the most when I train managers and leaders first, as their skills influence everybody else.

What other work do you do and do you combine DEI with that work?

I offer managers and leaders a 12 module long program where 80% is based on DEI and Karla’s books. I leave them with understanding 17 emotions, shadow mechanisms as the frequent source of emotions that have not much to do with situations at work, with anxiety as a workhorse emotion to get things done on time, and how to work with agitators instead of being angry and pacifying them. The other 20% is on perspective taking and avoidance mechanisms.

What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies?

I watch movies, have loooong conversations with my wife, I love intimacy, I like helping.

Dariusz and his son

What type of clients do you work with?


What are some of the highlights of the work you’ve done with DEI?

DEI is It’s simple and readily applicable even to those who don’t keep emotions in high regard. I’m proud of my video testimonials. You can find them here. I’m also changing the name from EC+E (Emotional Competence + Empathy) to “Be Logically Emotional” to highlight my systems approach and my technical background.

What are your most recent projects?

I recently prepared a 6-week program for mid-level managers and leaders that aims at raising their competence noticeably. The pilot was successful and now I want to scale it, marketise it and extend it. It’s 12 weeks now.

Where do you see yourself in regard to this work in the future?

I want to share that knowledge and skills with others. I’ll keep experimenting with what sells and helps at the same time and adjust to circumstances.

How has DEI most impacted your own life?

Trauma resolution and increased self-awareness. Massively increased comfort with having emotions. Before DEI emotions could linger in their medium-state for weeks, especially the more difficult ones like situational depression, or grudges. Now I can turn them to action and they ebb when the job is done. Liberating! Panic and envy helped me to identify nuances of traumas of rejection and unworthiness.

If you had to pick one small piece of DEI that you love the most, or one part that has had the most impact, what would it be?

Nooooo, don’t make me choose! I’d have to go through our manuals and select pieces I haven’t recognized value in. It’s a great program. DEI’s approach to trauma was very impactful. And understanding what emotions are and why we have them.

Thanks, Dariusz!

Dariusz Klupi 

Dariusz Klupi is a Licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® who offers in-person DEI workshops and trainings in Poland and on-line globally. He focuses on practical application of emotional skills and empathy in workplaces. His specialty is modern management and leadership, and approaches like Agile, Scrum, Teal, and Holacracy. For Dariusz, a good understanding of emotions is a foundation for efficient, effective, innovative, psychologically safe, and creative environments, and he is convinced that empathy in leadership has become a necessity. Visit Dariusz’s profile: Dariusz Klupi.

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