Introducing Ask a DEI Professional

You have questions!

And we have answers.

Even if you know the language of emotions and even when understand the Dynamic Emotional Integration® (DEI) way of working with emotions, sometimes you’re still going to have questions (we do!).

And now … we have a space for you to ask!

Why do I cry when I’m angry?

How can I work with jealousy?

What’s the difference between sadness and grief?

Do you have a question about empathy or emotions, or about how certain emotions might be working together? If so, send us your question, and one of our licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® professionals will answer.

Each month, we’ll choose a question or two to answer right here on our Empathy Academy blog.

If you have a question, focus on yourself: we’ll keep your identity anonymous, but please don’t ask us to figure out someone else in your life. We don’t know them!

In our community of DEI professionals, we regularly ask questions to deepen our understanding of emotions and empathy. Now, you can too!

So, tell us – what’s your question?

Ask a DEI Professional

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