Understanding Your Whole Self

~ by Sherry Jean Olander, DEI Trainer & Consultant ~ If you’ve taken any courses or workshops here at Empathy Academy, you may have heard the term Elemental Balance or reference to “your elements.” Let’s take a closer look at…Read More

Empathy in the Middle East

Emotional learning for everyone Pia Ault, MS, licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer, shares her experience of providing an empathy workshop in Saudi Arabia. I was invited to hold a workshop on Dynamic Emotional Integration® in Saudi Arabia, at a large government…Read More

Welcome to Empathy Academy!

This is the online home of Dynamic Emotional Integration® Hello and welcome to Empathy Academy, where you can take courses on emotions and empathy, learn about Dynamic Emotional Integration® (also known as DEI), and find support if you'd like to…Read More

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