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Hello and welcome to Empathy Academy, where you can take courses on emotions and empathy, learn about Dynamic Emotional Integration® (also known as DEI), and find support if you’d like to work with a licensed DEI professional.

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Our licensed DEI Trainers and Consultants regularly offer online courses that can help you learn about your emotions, develop healthy and sustainable empathy, and join an empathic learning community where you can develop skills and learn more about yourself and your relationships.

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Learn about Dynamic Emotional Integration®

Dynamic Emotional Integration® treats emotions as essential aspects of cognition, meaning-making, thinking, deciding, and acting. When you know how to identify and work with your emotions, you can become more comfortable, more conscious, and more intentional.

DEI also focuses on empathy as a vital part of your ability to relate and interact, not only with people, but with animals, nature, concepts, information, ideas, art, science, and every other thing.

You can learn how to develop healthy and intentional empathy no matter where you start, and at any age.

What is Dynamic Emotional Integration?

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We’ve licensed an international group of marvelous DEI professionals who can help you develop your emotional skills and awareness.

DEI Trainers work in a teaching capacity with groups and individuals to help them develop strong emotional and empathic skills and practices.

DEI Consultants work one-on-one with individuals in a unique DEI consultation process that helps people directly access the wisdom in their emotions.

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What is a DEI Consultation?

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