A Small Shrine and Ritual for My Happiness

by Sue Barclay, licensed DEI Professional I never used to think I had a problem with happiness, or that my relationship with happiness needed to heal or change. However, reading about happiness from a DEI perspective has helped me realise…Read More

A card deck to support your emotions

Newly updated! The newly revised Language of Emotions is now available, and Karla McLaren also updated her wonderful Language of Emotions Card Deck! These 25 cards help you work directly with the wisdom in your emotions, and they give you detailed…Read More

A guide to the genius in your emotions

Newly updated support for your emotions! The newly updated Language of Emotions is now available, and Karla McLaren has also updated the questions and practices in The Dynamic Emotional Integration® Workbook as well! In this 88-page workbook, you'll learn the Empathic Mindfulness…Read More

Updates to the Fear Family

What's new in the Fear Family? The work in the Dynamic Emotional Integration® model is certainly dynamic, because Karla McLaren and our DEI community are continually updating our knowledge through practice, research, and deep community conversations. The Fear family has…Read More

Hatred and the Middle Path

by Bobbi McIntyre, licensed DEI Trainer & Consultant I saw this meme about love and hate going around Facebook, and I thought about the fact that people have never been…Read More

Updates to the Sadness Family!

What's new in the Sadness Family? The work of Dynamic Emotional Integration® is based on Karla McLaren's work and in the newest edition of her classic book, Language of Emotions, there are many changes and new concepts that can help…Read More

Updates to the Anger Family!

What's new in the Anger Family? In Karla McLaren's newly updated and revised Language of Emotions, there have been many changes! Karla talks here about the changes she's made to the Anger Family: Anger, Shame, Apathy, and Hatred. This essential…Read More

Welcome to the new Language of Emotions!

It's here! The newly revised and updated Language of Emotions is available now! https://youtu.be/U_ImMo1hppg The courses here at Empathy Academy are based on the work in The Language of Emotions, and we look forward to sharing this all of this…Read More

The new Language of Emotions is almost here!

The Language of Emotions has been revised and updated! We're excited to announce the upcoming release of the new Language of Emotions on June 27th! Karla McLaren has done so much work and research since the original book was published…Read More

The brand new Language of Emotions!

A brand new edition of The Language of Emotions! Nearly all of the courses here at Empathy Academy are built from the foundation of the original work in The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren, M.Ed. This groundbreaking work is still…Read More

Here we gather... to honor our emotions!

by Jennifer Asdorian, licensed DEI Trainer and Consultant Earlier this year, a dear friend of mine became engaged. She and her fiancé wanted a do-it-yourself wedding in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Their plan was to have guests backpack to the…Read More

Emotions and Resolutions

~ by Sherry Jean Olander, DEI Trainer & Consultant ~ photo credit: Heather Giasson Most people I know don't even bother to make New Year’s resolutions. Some folks who really want to make lasting changes in their life start out…Read More

Good Boundaries and Horse Sense

To create boundaries or not to create boundaries, that is the question... by Bobbi McIntyre, licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer & Consultant I can tell you from personal experience about living with an open heart (without boundaries) and living with…Read More

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