Updates to the Sadness Family!

What’s new in the Sadness Family?

The work of Dynamic Emotional Integration® is based on Karla McLaren’s work and in the newest edition of her classic book, Language of Emotions, there are many changes and new concepts that can help you understand and work with your emotions.

In the video below, Karla talks about how the Sadness Family of emotions has been updated. These emotions are Sadness, Grief, Situational Depression, and the Suicidal Urge.

These essential emotions bring you the gifts of stopping, letting go, mourning, and recovering.

See this page for links to order the book, e-book, or audiobook!

When you and your Sadness Family work well together, you’ll be able to release things you no longer need, mourn the things you’ve lost, become aware of things that cannot work, and free yourself.

Thank you, Sadness Family!


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