June 2024 workshops at Empathy Academy!

Photo of a stone wall covered with vines, and a open work gate looking out onto a path.

Hello and welcome to June at Empathy Academy! This month is all about boundaries and emotion regulation, and we invite you to explore empathic boundaries and the four keys to emotional genius with us! Developing Empathic Boundaries Setting flexible boundaries in an often-rigid world A 2-hour workshop with Karla McLaren, M.Ed. Saturday, June 8 from … Read more

Good Boundaries and Horse Sense

To create boundaries or not to create boundaries, that is the question… by Bobbi McIntyre, licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer & Consultant I can tell you from personal experience about living with an open heart (without boundaries) and living with boundaries. I fell into the trap (as do others) of believing that living with an … Read more