Licensee Close-up: Bobbi McIntyre

Bobbi is a licensed DEI Trainer and Consultant and Equine-Assisted Life Coach living in the upstate area of South Carolina. She was a member of the very first cohort of DEI licensees at Empathy Academy and became licensed in 2016. Bobbi was also the first woman to qualify as a US Navy Surface Warfare Officer. She’s tough! But her patient, loving nature shines the brightest, creating a compassionate container for her workshops and consultations. Read Bobbi’s thoughts on boundaries in her post, Good Boundaries and Horse Sense.

Q&A with Bobbi McIntyre

Bobbi and Guinness

What brought you to this work?

I have always felt things strongly and was hyper-empathic in such a way that at times, I felt buffeted and out of control. When I read Karla’s first book, The Language of Emotions, a passion was ignited in me to share what I had learned. I knew that the emotion work would pair perfectly with the horse work in helping people navigate through life’s ups and downs.

What other work do you do and do you combine DEI with that work?

I am a certified Equine-Assisted Life Coach and double licensed as a DEI Trainer and Consultant. The horses respond to the emotional state of the humans interacting with them. This helps my clients understand where they are currently. The horses and I provide strategies for working with and channeling strong emotions in a healthy way.

What are some of the highlights of the work you’ve done with DEI?

My Equine Assisted workshop, Taking Life in Stride, has helped people facing issues such as child custody, career choices, living with autistic children, and learning more about how emotions work in our lives. I have been humbled and grateful to be able to provide people with skills and strategies to make life more enjoyable.

Do you ever work with other animals?

I love animals and have 4 horses and 2 dogs. In the past I trained and ran my Border Collie in sheep dogs. Currently, I ride my horses and am training a young horse that was born on my farm to pull a carriage.

What type of clients do you work with?

I work with women veterans as they integrate back into the civilian work force or into family life after an overseas deployment.

What are your most recent projects?

I am scheduled to be the key note speaker and conduct my workshop, Taking Life in Stride, at the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning, F.E.E.L., annual conference in Toronto, Canada. I will be focusing on The 5 Empathic Mindfulness Practices: Grounding, Boundary Setting, Burning Contracts, Conscious Questioning, and Resourcing.

Bobbi and Cruiser

How has DEI most impacted your own life?

After I completed my DEI training, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The work I did with DEI helped me channel the strong emotions that accompany that sort of news. I used my new skills and strategies throughout my course of treatment and after the treatment was completed. I can honestly say that the information I learned at DEI and the support of DEI trained friends helped me get through the roughest time in my life.

Where do you see yourself in regard to this work in the future?

I plan on creating an on-line course based on my Taking Life in Stride workshop to help people understand and work with their emotions in a life-enhancing way.

Bobbi’s Teaching Philosophy: Understanding the purpose and messages behind each emotion empowers all of us to become more effective, resilient, and empathic. Unlocking emotional intelligence can free us from living at the mercy of our moods and the moods of others, allowing us to live the life we were meant to live. My greatest joy is to empower people to shine with audacious radiance!

Any final thoughts?

As a retired U.S. Navy Captain with over 40 years working in a male dominated career field, I have been to sea, traveled the world, lived through difficult times and times of pure joy. My life experiences and training have inspired and enabled me to follow my passion – assisting others as they learn how to work with their emotions to create a full and fulfilling life.

Thanks, Bobbi!

Bobbi McIntyre

Bobbi McIntyre is a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer. She lives in South Carolina and offers workshops throughout the Mid-Atlantic and South East areas. Bobbi is a certified Equine-Assisted life coach and a retired US Navy Captain with over 35 years in corporate leadership. Her DEI teaching focuses on empathy and empathic communication skills to promote healthy relationships at home and at work. Her engaging and interactive workshops focus on the wisdom in emotions and how to work with them to create a balanced and healthy life. View Bobbi’s profile: Bobbi McIntyre.

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